Custom Plant Arrangements

The Garden Barn staff offers custom potting services every day that we are open. We start by hand-picking the best plants for you, as well as the containers in which they will live. We then bring your order to the Custom Potting Bench to put it all together. Whether you need multiple arrangements, or just a cactus in a nice pot, we will walk you through the process and personalize your order.


We will create custom arrangements with the following items:

  • - houseplants, succulents, and cactus
  • - spring, summer, and fall annuals
  • - bulbs and perennials
  • - holiday-themed, special occasion, and/or memorial plants with accessories
  • Many people don't realize that when you keep plants inside they should be repotted regularly. Plants that live in containers can accumulate insects and diseases when left in one pot for too long and their root systems can become crowded. Houseplants, annuals, and tropicals will benefit from a repotting every year. You can call to arrange a repotting with us or stop by our store to get the information and materials for yourself.