Gazing Globes

Since the Victorian Era, gazing globes have been a beautiful and elegant addition to many people's gardens. Whether you want a pop of color in a dark corner or a focal point in your display garden, we have a gazing globe to brighten any location. With dozens of styles to choose from you're sure to find the perfect accent for your space. 


We also have a variety of creative gazing globe stands ranging from classical collumns, to art nouveau pillars, to sturdy metal stands.


Below is a small sampling of what we offer. Please call for availability.


Blue Aqua Mosaic Gazing Globe - $49.99


Aqua Mosaic Opalescent Gazing Globe - $59.99


Blue Chrome Swirl Gazing Globe - $34.99


Marsala Red Gazing Globe - $34.99

Aria Gazing Globe Stand - $54.99


Ocean Mist Illuminarie Gazing Globe - $49.99


Blue Swirl Illuminarie Gazing Globe - $49.99


Plum Illuminarie Gazing Globe - $49.99


Silver Gazing Globe - $34.99


Gold Gazing Globe - $34.99


Flower Mosaic Gazing Globe - $59.99


Owl Mosaic Gazing Globe - $59.99



Cypress Gazing Globe Column - $79.99


Serpentine Globe Pedestal $49.99


Copper Wire Butterfly Globe Holder ​$59.99

Green Chrome Swirl Gazing Globe - $34.99