Gazing Globes

Since the Victorian Era, gazing globes have been a beautiful and elegant addition to many people's gardens. Whether you want a pop of color in a dark corner or a focal point in your display garden, we have a gazing globe to brighten any location. With dozens of styles to choose from you're sure to find the perfect accent for your space. 


We also have a variety of creative gazing globe stands ranging from classical collumns, to art nouveau pillars, to sturdy metal stands.


Below is a sampling of what we offer. We only have one each of several of these styles, and we apologize if they have become unavailable. Please call for availability.


Blue Aqua Mosaic Gazing Globe


Aqua Mosaic Opalescent Gazing Globe


Blue Chrome Swirl Gazing Globe


Marsala Red Gazing Globe

Aria Gazing Globe Stand


Ocean Mist Illuminarie Gazing Globe


Blue Swirl Illuminarie Gazing Globe


Plum Illuminarie Gazing Globe


Mermaid Glass Globe


Rose Gold Glass Globe


Square Sunset Glass Globe


Abstract Swirl Glass Globe


Abstract Speckle Glass Globe


Venus Gazing Globe


Fuchsia Mosaic Gazing Globe


Translucent Morroco Mauve Gazing Globe


Sunfire Mosaic Gazing Globe


Sunburst Galileo Mosaic Gazing Globe


Stars & Stripes Mosaic Gazing Globe


Mosaic Helix Iridescent Globe


Iridescent Peacock Gazing Globe


Abstract Candy Glass Globe


Rainbow Petal Glass Globe


Rainbow Mosaic Glass Globe


Arco Iris Mosaic Gazing Globe


Verdigris Gazing Globe


Fiery Gazing Globe


Auburn Diamond Mosaic Gazing Globe


Teal Crackle Gazing Globe 


Apricot Ice Gazing Globe


Silver Crackle Gazing Globe


Silver Gazing Globe


Gold Gazing Globe


Flower Mosaic Gazing Globe


Owl Mosaic Gazing Globe



Cypress Gazing Globe Column  23" H



Serpentine Globe Pedestal 1' H



Green Chrome Swirl Gazing Globe



Verdigris Wrought Iron Globe Stand