Hand Tools & Pruners

Hand Tools & Pruners


Felco Professional Grade Pruners, #2 or #6: $99.99


TerraVerde Drop Forged Pruners with Pouch: $22.99


TerraVerde Bypass Pruner: $10.99


TerraVerde Ratchet Pruner: $19.99


TerraVerde Anvil Pruner: $16.99


TerraVerde Drop Forged Pruner Set: $12.99


TerraVerde Bypass Gear Pruner: $24.99


Splash Deluxe Ratchet Pruner (Green, blue, or pink): $18.99


Splash Bypass Pruner (Green, blue, or pink): $10.99


Splash Drop Forged Floral Shears (Green, blue, or pink): $16.99


Splash 5" Precision Floral Shears (Green, blue, or pink): $15.99


Cutting Tools

TerraVerde Folding Saw: $16.99


TerraVerde 5-Position Grass Shears: $19.99


TerraVerde Bypass Lopper with Serrated Jaw (Pictured Below, Left): $29.99


TerraVerde 18" Compound Bypass Lopper (Pictured Above, Right): $44.99


TerraVerde Bypass Lopper (Pictured Below, Left): $29.99


Terra Verde 23" Hedge Shears (Pictured Above, Right): $22.99


Shovels & Long Tools

(Pictured Above: Round Point Shovel, Bow Rake, Floral Shovel)


58" Round Point Shovel with Fiberglass Handle: $34.99

Small Floral Shovel with Fiberglass Handle: $24.99

60" Bow Rake with Fiberglass Handle: $29.99

54" Garden Hoe: $20.99


Trowels, Hand Rakes, & Hand Weeders

(Pictured Above: Plastic Handle Tools)

Plastic Handle Thin Trowel / Transplanter: $2.99

Plastic Handle Standard Trowel: $2.99

Plastic Handle Weeder: $2.99

Plastic Handle Cultivator: $2.99


(Pictured Above: Splash Tools)

Splash Sure Grip Thin Trowel / Transplanter (Green, blue, or pink): $7.99

Splash Sure Grip Standard Trowel (Green, blue, or pink): $7.99

Splash Sure Grip Weeder (Green, blue, or pink): $7.99

Splash Sure Grip Cultivator (Green, blue, or pink): $7.99

Splash Sure Grip Fan Rake (Green, blue, or pink): $7.99


Wooden Handle Thin Trowel / Transplanter: $5.99

Wooden Handle Standard Trowel: $5.99

Wooden Handle Weeder: $5.99

Wooden Handle Cultivator: $5.99


(Pictured Above: TerraVerde Sure Grip Tools)

TerraVerde Sure Grip Thin Trowel / Transplanter: $6.99

TerraVerde Sure Grip Standard Trowel: $6.99

TerraVerde Sure Grip Cultivator: $6.99


Bulb Planter $6.99


Kneeling Pads

Splash Standard Kneeling Pad: $6.99


TerraVerde Deluxe (Thick)  Kneeling Pad: $8.99


Foldable Garden Kneeler / Seat: $54.99

     Available in Black/Green, Blue/Lavender, and Pink/Orange)