Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Choose Sun (Afternoon Sun/Full Sun) or Shade (Morning Sun/Full Shade)

Our selection of hanging baskets is very limited at this point in the season.


The Garden Barn is well known for its stunning array of beautiful hanging baskets. They add season-long color to an otherwise empty space, and are a traditional Mother's Day gift. Whether you're looking for a particular plant in a hanger or a colorful mix to brighten up your home, we have a wide variety to choose from. We also offer mixed annual hanging baskets in decorative pots, woven cones, or large moss hangers.

Choose based on sun exposure, plant type, or color scheme!

Hanging baskets range from $22.99 - $69.99.


Some favorites for single-type sun hanging baskets include million bells (a hummingbird favorite!), lantana, trailling thunbergia, sunpatiens, petunias, geraniums (both zonal and ivy), dragon wing begonias, and portulaca, among others.

Our sun mixes feature colorful combinations of the above plants along with sweet potato vine, euphorbia, coleus, or other accent plants.


We also have single-type shade hangers such as fuchsia (another hummingbird favorite), exotic impatiens, New Guinea impatiens, torenia, double impatiens, dragon wing begonias, non stop begonias, and more.

Our shade mixes include mixtures of the above plants plus sweet potato vine, wandering jew, euphorbia, coleus, or other accent plants.


Garden Barn Grown Hanging Baskets

Planted in 10" green pots. "Beldon" hangers are 12" fibrous pots planted on the sides as well as the top for a fuller look.

10" Green: $22.99 - $24.99. 12" Beldons: $34.99 - $39.99


We currently have a variety of summer annuals in mixed pots. Prices range from $24.99 - $39.99.


Sun (10" Green Pot or Beldon)

Calibrachoa (Million Bells): Solid Colors: Red, White, Yellow, Rose, Lavender, Hot Pink, Purple, Orange, Diva Orange (orange/yellow splashes), Lemon Slice (White and yellow stripes), Yellow Red Vein, Bumblebee Blue, Goodnight Kiss, Violet Star SOLD OUT

Combinations: Hot Pink/Purple, Orange/Purple, Purple/Lavender, Purple/Yellow, Orange/Red, White/Lavender, Yellow/Red, White/Rose, Yellow/Rose, Orange/Rose, Yellow/Violet Star, White/Diva Orange, Red/Yellow Red Vein, Yellow/Lava Red Eye, Purple/Lava Red Eye, Pink Star/Violet Star, Goodnight Kiss/Yellow SOLD OUT

Combo with Purple Lobularia (Alyssum): Lemon Slice/Lobularia, Purple/Lobularia, Red/Lobularia, Bumblebee Blue/Lobularia, Orange/Lobularia, Rose/Lobularia SOLD OUT

Dragon Wing Begonias: Red SOLD OUT

Ivy Geraniums: Burgundy Bicolor, Red, White, Hot Coral, Salmon, Lavender, Deep Pink SOLD OUT

Zonal Geraniums: Dark Red, Salmon, White, Violet, Orange, Pink, Strawberry Sizzle SOLD OUT

Geranium Beldons: Dark Red, Strawberry Sizzle, Orange, Various Combinations (Call for options) SOLD OUT

Lantana: Red, Sunrise Rose, Lemon Glow, Peach, Lavender, Sunrise Rose/Lemon Glow

Petunias: Bordeaux, Pink, Night Sky, Lavender, Purple, White SOLD OUT

Portulaca: Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Raspberry Lemonade

Scaevola: Violet, White, Pink

Sunpatiens: Lilac, Neon Pink, Orange, Red, White, Orchid, Blush Pink, Tropical Rose (Variegated Foliage!), White/Orange SOLD OUT

Sunpatiens Beldons: Various colors and combinations. SOLD OUT

Thunbergia: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Orange Diverse. SOLD OUT

Verbena: Red/Purple Combo SOLD OUT


Shade (10" Green Pot or Belden)

Large-Flowering Begonias: Coral, Pink, Yellow SOLD OUT

Fuchsia: Lena (Light Pink w/ Purple Center), Upright Blacky (Magenta w/ very dark purple center) SOLD OUT

Impatiens: Mixed colors. SOLD OUT 

Double Impatiens: Mixed colors.

Impatiens Beldons: Various Mixes. SOLD OUT

New Guinea Impatiens: Solid Colors: Lavender, Orange, White, Purple, Salmon, Rose, Dark Red, Dark Pink, White Red Flame 

Combination Colors: Violet/White, Orange/White, Dark Pink/Purple, White Red Flame/White, Salmon/Purple SOLD OUT

New Guinea Beldons: Red, Orange, Dark Pink, Violet, Orchid Flame, White, Salmon, Magenta Frost, Cerise Frost, White/Red Flame, Rose/Purple Blue SOLD OUT

Torenia: Blue, Purple, Yellow


8" Hanging Baskets

Chenille Plant (Red) - $19.99 SOLD OUT

Reiger Begonias (Red, Blush Pink, Yellow, Orange, White) - $22.99 SOLD OUT


Hanging Tropical Mandevilla

10" Pot - $39.99 (Red, Pink, or White) SOLD OUT

12" Pot - $49.99 (Red) SOLD OUT


Decorative 12" Pots (Sandstone or Colors) - $39.99

Single Plant: Exotic Yellow Impatiens. Shade. Sandstone Pot. SOLD OUT

Mixed plants for sun or shade in a large, decorative pot.


Decorative Cone Hanging Baskets - $69.99

14" Decorative Woven Cone Hanger with Mixed Plants, Sun or Shade


Large Moss Hanging Baskets - $69.99 SOLD OUT

14" Large Decorative Moss Basket with Mixed Plants, Sun or Shade