Hanging Wall Bags

Hanging Wall Bag

Choose Sun or Shade


A great alternative to the traditional hanging basket, wall bags are vertically planted satchels that are flat on one side and perfect for hanging against a door, wall, fence, or other structure. Just be careful to water them slowly so that the plants all the way at the bottom get watered, too! Prices range from $34.99 - $39.99 depending on the plant variety.


Sun Wall Bags

Calibrachoa (Million Bells): Mixed colors and combinations. 

Ivy Geraniums: White Red Eye, Red, Pink, Lavender


Petunias: Purple, Pink, Bordeaux, Mixed Colors 

Portulaca: Orange, Pink, Mixed 

Scaveola: Violet, Pink, White, Mixed Colors

Sunpatiens: Various colors. 


Shade Wall Bags

Impatiens: Mixed Bright Colors 

New Guinea Impatiens: Various colors. Please call or text for availability.