Indoor Plants for the Holidays

Everyone knows and loves a beautiful, bright poinsettia for the holidays. Yet there are many other, often overlooked, options for indoor holiday plants. One of our favorites is Cyclamen, a compact, shade-tolerant little beauty that features elegant, large-petalled flowers above large, delicately patterned green leaves. We offer Cyclamen in red, white, and various shades of pink in four or six inch pots, while supplies last. This long-blooming plant will be sure to brighten up any room and, given the proper care, will re-bloom time and again.

Another longtime favorite is the low-maintenance Christmas Cactus. This succulent requires very little care, and is happy in bright, diffuse light and watered sparingly. Once a year the otherwise commonplace plant sends out dozens and dozens of showy blossoms, usually in time for the holidays. We offer Christmas Cactus in 2.5, 4, and 6 inch pots.

Kalanchoe, another member of the succulent family, is a lesser-known holiday plant that produces hundreds of tiny, intensely colorful florets above scallop-shaped leaves. They will re-bloom several times throughout the year if they are properly cared for and given adequate light.

For longer-lasting color, we offer a wide selection of houseplants that have colorful foliage and do not rely on a flowering cycle for beauty or impact. Notable mentions are pink or white fittonia and purple rex begonias, both of which are featured in the photographs at the top of this page.

If you're looking for something distinctly holiday themed, why not try a miniature evergreen tree inside your home? We offer a selection of tiny evergreens, some of them hardy to plant in our zone, and some of them only suited to indoor use. Decorated like a miniature Christmas tree or left plain for a natural look, these little plants add texture and holiday spirit (and oftentimes a lovely scent!) to your seasonal decorations.

We also offer holiday bulbs for Amaryllis and Paperwhites in boxed kits, ready for planting. Our Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs are of the highest quality and will produce plentiful, spring-like blooms in you home for the winter months. For advice on planting and caring for Amaryllis bulbs, click here