Lawn Ornaments and Wind Spinners

Wind Spinners

In addition to indoor decorative items, we have a wide selection of lawn ornament stakes and wind spinners to liven up your outdoor living space. Our inventory changes from year to year, and we do our best to provide the most unique and creative ornaments available. From large, kinetic spinners to medium sized garden-themed lawn stakes to tiny pot stickers to place in potted flowers or gifts, we have something for everyone! Below is a small selection of our wind spinners. Please call for availability.


Menagerie Wind Spinner - $99.99


Sun Face Dual Motion Spinner - $74.99


Apostrophe Dual Motion Wind Spinner - $89.99


Whisp Dual Motion Spinner - $74.99


Astral Dual Motion Spinner - $84.99


Illuminarie Counter Motion Wind Spinner - $119.99


Copper Wind Spinner 75" H - $139.99


Copper and Verdigris Leaves Wind Spinner 75" H - $129.99


Copper and Verdigris Petals Wind Spinner 75" H - $129.99


Solar Multi-Colored Wind Spinner 75" H - $199.99