Meet Our Experts

Garden Barn employs a large group of gardeners and plant experts that bring a wide variety of experience to ensure success in your garden. When you are successful in your garden, we have succeeded, because we are in this pursuit together. 

  • Owners

    Meet the family behind it all, the Glihas!  From 1978-1981, Dennis Gliha managed The Garden Barn and he and Kathy purchased it together in 1981. ... Read more

  • Landscape Designer

    Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional

    Meet Colin!  He’s been employed at Garden Barn since 2008, and can be found keeping the... Read more

  • Landscape Architect

    Linda is a licensed landscape architect and manages our landscape department here at The Garden Barn, where she started in 2009. Utilizing her... Read more

  • Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional

    Meet Alyssa! She’s been employed by Garden Barn since March of 2009, primarily working as a... Read more

  • Adam is a self-taught nurseryman, learning by working with other experienced nurserymen, putting his nose to the grind stone, and studying every... Read more

  • Landscape Crew Leader

    Mike started his landscape experience at Suffield Country Club, where his love for the outdoors grew as he did planting, mulching and plant care.... Read more

  • Mike has gained all of his plant knowledge here at The Garden Barn, where he started in 2013 by assisting customers with loading cars.  His... Read more

  • Accounting Administrator

    Jane Chadbourne has been working as an Accounting Administrator at The Garden Barn since 2007. She is responsible for maintaining the financial... Read more

  • Nursery Man/Office Staff

    Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional

    He's back! Kevin started working at The Garden Barn in 1983 and graduated... Read more

  • Erica is an avid gardener who has gained most of her plant knowledge at The Garden Barn. She started working here in March of 2013, and can be... Read more

  • Connecticut Accredited Nursery Professional

    Meet Karyn! She’s worked at the Garden Barn since March of 2013.  You can find her in various... Read more

  • Designer

    Vicky has been with The Garden Barn since 1989. She specializes in artificial arrangements, wreaths and decorations. Vicky loves to create custom... Read more

  • Jay started landscaping and lawn mowing in 1995 and has been with the Garden Barn since 2012. He specializes in planting trees and shrubs, with... Read more

  • Willy is one of the newest additions to The Garden Barn family. She started working here in February 2017, assisting our growing operations but... Read more

  • Kyle began his job at The Garden Barn in June 2016. Since his first day at work, Kyle's intrigue and appreciation for plant life and landscaping... Read more

  • Ryan started working at The Garden Barn in March of 2016, helping our customers and staff members with sales, loading purchases, and maintaining... Read more