Succulent Trees

Succulent Christmas Trees

New This Year! Celebrate the holidays with a live succulent Christmas tree! Planted with live, rooted plugs (not cuttings) of popular succulents (including echeveria, crassula, string of pickles, string of buttons, haworthia, and more!), these trees will last through the holidays and for years to come. The sphagnum moss cones are carefully planted, hand-decorated, and adorned with bows or tree toppers. Prices vary depending on the number of succulents used. Each tree is unique and cannot be re-created. Shop early while they last!


How to care for your new succulent tree: Place your tree in a bright room with indirect light. Keep it protected from drafts and heat sources. It should receive between six and eight hours of light every day, but do not place it in direct sun, such as in a south-facing window. Succulents can get sunburn! To water your tree, carefully feel the sphagnum moss that surrounds your succulents. If it is damp, you're all set. If it is dry (the moss will feel crunchy), it needs water. Mist the entire tree with a spray bottle until it is damp again, being careful to avoid ribbons and decorations as the colors may run. If your tree becomes very dry you can remove ribbons and red berries and immerse it in water for about ten minutes to rehydrate.


Want to make your own? We also sell the moss tree forms we used to create our trees! Use small potted succulents or even succulent cuttings to create your own living tree. Forms are $24.99 - $29.99, prices of succulents vary.