Traditional Chimes

Traditional Chimes

Chimes designed to bring meaningful and musical beauty to your living space. While supplies last.

Woodstock Anniversary Chime


Large Bronze Amazing Grace Chime


Medium Bronze Amazing Grace Chime


Medium Amazing Grace Chime


Memorial Amazing Grace Chime

Includes a compartment for a momento.


Small Bronze Amazing Grace Chime


Small Amazing Grace Chime


Heavenly Amazing Grace Chime


Medium Purple Bells of Paradise


Large Purple Bells of Paradise


Spanish Garden Adagio Chime


Affirmation Chime - Love

Inscribed with Love, Heart, Passion, Cherish, Caring, and Encourage

Affirmation Chime - Virtues

Inscribed with Wisdom, Peace, Love, Dignity, Respect, and Kindness


Chimes of Bach


Chimes of Hope


Equestrian Spirit Chime


Gregorian Soprano Chime


Gregorian Alto Chime in Black


Gregorian Alto Chime


Gregorian Tenor Chime


Gregorian Baritone Chime


Little Gregorian Chime


Butterfly Garden Chime


Bronze Owl Habitats Chime -


Silver Rainfall Habitats Chime


Wedding Chime


Grand Wedding Chime

Picture not available.


Medium Chimes of Mozart


Ode to Joy Chime


Pachelbel's Canon Chime


Pachelbel's Canon Chime in Bronze


Large Reflections Memorial Chime

Includes a compartment for a momento.



Chimes of Partch


Star Spangled Banner Chime


Celtic Cross Chime


Prairie Jasper Chime


Reflections Irish Blessing Chime  


Reflections Lord's Prayer Chime


Reflections Serenity Prayer Chime


Turquoise Chime


Yoga Chime


Bumblebee Wind Fantasy Chime