Our selection of tropicals is very limited at this point in the season.


Even though we live far north of their native climates, tropical plants have been used in New England gardens for generations due to their exotic appearance, luxurious flowers, and stunning colors. Every year we offer a wide selection of tropical plants to brighten up your outdoor living spaces, from flowering hibiscus to climbing mandevilla to fragrant gardenias. Our selection changes rapidly and varies from year to year, so plase call for availability.

Tropicals take particular environmental conditions to thrive. They like a warm, humid environment, plenty of fertilizer, and (with some exceptions including gardenias) as much sunlight as you can give them. Be sure to keep these beauties indoors until the nighttime temperatures are constantly above 50 degrees! 

  • Citrus Trees - Limited Quantities Full Sun, 50 Degrees and Warmer Lemon or Lime Please call for availability of each variety. 1 Gallon - $39.99 3 Gallon - $49.99    
  • Tropical Hibiscus - LIMITED COLORS / QUANTITIES Full Sun, 50 Degrees or Warmer   Tropical hibiscus is a favorite choice for sunny patios and entryways. It thrives in hot, humid environments and...
  • Mandevilla - Limited Colors / Quantities Vining Habit Full Sun, 50 Degrees or Warmer Please note that our inventory changes rapidly. We will do our very best to fulfill your requests but we may sell...
  • Braided Shrimp Tree Tropical, Full Sun, 50 Degrees and Warmer 10 Inch Pot, $49.99 A Hummingbird Favorite!      
  • Tropical Braided Ixora Tree - SOLD OUT Full Sun, 50 Degrees and Warmer "Maui" 10 Inch Pot, $49.99    
  • Dipladenia - SOLD OUT Full Sun, 50 Degrees or Warmer Similar to a Mandevilla but it has a bushy, upright (rather than a vining) habit.   Six Inch Pots - $19.99 Choose White, Pink, or Red     Ten...
  • Tropical Duranta Tree - Only white left 50 Degrees and Warmer 10 Inch Pot, $49.99 Choose Purple (SOLD OUT) or White. While Supplies Last.          
  • Tree Form Lantana - SOLD OUT Tropical, 50 Degrees and Warmer A hummingbird and butterfly favorite!   Choose Red, Yellow, or White, while supplies last.      
  • Gardenias - SOLD OUT Part Sun, 50 Degrees and Warmer Amazing fragrance! Only available while supplies last. Limited quantity.   Six Inch Pot (Bush) - $19.99 Ten Inch Pot (Bush) - $44.99 Ten Inch Tree...
  • Cordyline - Limited Colors / Quantities Colorful Foliage Plant  Full Sun, 50 Degrees and Warmer   Six Inch Pots - $16.99       Ten Inch Pots - $49.99