Growing your own vegetables can be so rewarding! Even if you are limited on space, you can easily grow vegetables in patio pots on a balcony or porch. There is no comparison to fresh homegrown vegetables to grocery store bought vegetables that have been deprived of flavor. There are many benefits of growing your own food, you can significantly cut back on your monthly grocery bill, improve your health, reduce stress and burn off a few more calories per hour from tending to your garden. 

Our vegetables are all locally grown in Connecticut and free of GMOs! 

We offer a wide selection of vegetables such as.....(list not does reflect what we currently have in stock) 

                  • Tomatoes   • Peppers   • Spaghetti Squash  •  Eggplant  • Japanese Eggplant   • Cucumbers   •Pickling Cucumbers 

                  •  Watermelon  • Pumpkin   • Zucchini  • Cantaloupe  • Brussel Sprouts  • Lettuce  • Spinach  • Squash 

                  •  Sugar Snap Pea  • Beans  • Corn  • Beets  • Radish  • Onions • 

Please note we do not have carrots as those need to be started by seed 

If you are new to vegetable gardening one of our staff members will gladly guide you in the right direction in having a successful garden this year! We can help set you up with fertilizers, soil amendments, top soil and much more. We also have a referral list if you require any rototilling.