Animal Repellents

Here are just some of the repellents we offer. Call for availability

Here are just some of the repellents we offer. Call for availability

Animal Repellents

While it may be a lovely sight to see a deer or rabbit enjoying your back yard, it is quite another situation when they become destructive. We carry a selection of repellents so that you can discourage these creatures from harming your lawn or making a snack out of your carefully tended garden.

Deer Repellents

Deer are arguably the most destructive pest animal in our gardens, and they can damage everything including evergreens, annuals, perennials, vegetable gardens, and even hardwood trees by scraping their antlers. There are many deer repellents available since changing which repellant you use every few years can increase their effectiveness. We offer Liquid Fence©, mint repellant, spice repellant, hot pepper wax, and more to keep the deer away from your plants and property.

Rabbit Repellents

Bunnies may be cute, but they can eat a surprising quantity of plant material, especially if you have a family of rabbits in your yard. We have several repellents formulated specifically for rabbits if they tend to be the most prevalent pest in your gardens.

Groundhog, Squirrel, and Mouse Repellents

Depending on what garden pest you are inadvertently hosting, you may want to use a product targeted just at that species. Groundhogs and squirrels are notoriously difficult to deter, so a specialized product is available for each. We also carry Bonide's Mouse Magic©, which uses essential oils in packets to keep mice away from sheds, foundations, cabinets, and more.

Multi-Species Repellents

If you're like most of us, you have several of these pests at any given time. Repels-All© is a great multi-purpose repellant that is available in both granular and liquid form.

Repellents Safe for Vegetables and Herbs

Since most of the repellents available contain rotten eggs, the only repellant that we carry that is safe to use on edibles is Bonide© Hot Pepper Wax. This product relies on spicy peppers to deter nibbling animals while still being safe for human consumption - once the veggies and herbs are washed! 

Mole and Vole Control

There are multiples ways to control moles in your yard. The first and easiest is to treat your lawn for grubs; this will remove the moles' food source and encourage them to look elsewhere (sorry neighbor!). The second step is usually a series of repellents. These should be applied in several steps, beginning with a small circle around what you most want to protect, and working outwards over a series of weeks towards the perimeter of your property. Don't circle your property in one go or you'll be fencing the moles in! If these measures are ineffective some people elect to use poisons, which we sell in various forms.

Voles feed on plant material and can be very damaging. They can be controlled using most of the same repellents that are used for moles.