Watching and caring for wild birds is one of our nation's most popular pastimes. Whether you're providing habitats by planting native trees and shrubs or putting our bird houses, feeding them with seed or nectar, or making sure they have clean water with a dish or birdbath, birds repay your efforts by visiting your home more often, singing, providing beauty (or maybe a hobby, if you like to identify or photograph birds!) as well as reducing pest insects. 

Birding often goes hand-in-hand with gardening. That's why here at The Garden Barn you'll find an array of useful items to start caring for and attracting these beautiful visitors to your gardens. The most basic essentials for any wild creature are food and shelter, both of which can be provided through carefully selected plants. Here's a helpful list of plants that are useful to birds, and  here's list of plants that are most attractivel to hummingbirds.

Aside from providing plants that can give shelter and food sources to birds, you can help them out by making sure they have access to clean water by putting out a dish or birdbath. Birds are meticulously clean creatures and will make quite a show of getting a bath! They also need fresh water year-round to drink. Placing a small heater or wiggler in a bird bath will prevent the water from freezing over the winter.

Bird feeders are helpful and popular accessories. We offer regular bird feeders as well as oriole and hummingbird feeders. By putting out certain types of food you can select which birds are attracted to your yard. Unfortunately we are unable to sell bird seed (our store has an open layout and we often have a resident chipmunk who loves to open bags), but we do sell suet and hummingbird nectar.

You can even invite certain types of birds to your yard by offering them bird houses. We offer a selection of high-quality cedar houses as well as some more decorative options to brighten up your gardens and woodlines and offer cozy accommodations to visiting birds.

For more information about backyard birding, please visit The National Audubon Society's webpage here.

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