Pot Exchange

Garden Barn Pot Recycling Bin

Garden Barn Pot Recycling Bin


Being green and preserving our planet is a priority here at The Garden Barn. That is why we offer an exchange program for pots and trays. It does not matter if they are from us or elsewhere, we can help facilitate a second life. Many of the pots that we use to grow in are cleaned and reused in the production of the next crop. Trays are reused to help you transport your plants home safely. Anything we cannot reuse is sent to be recycled and given a second life.

Please feel free to drop off any containers you don't want any more, and please feel free to take anything you do want! You don't have to ask, just help yourself!

Current Location

Throughout the season the location of the recycling bin may change. Currently (as of 11/12/22) the bin is located on the corner of the building near the pallets of stone, across from the entrance to our pond. The bin itself is about 4 feet high with a bright green banner around it, making it easily spotted.