Useful Links

Below is a list of links to our affiliates or to sites that we have found useful.

Plant Help

Snow has caused severe damage to many plants across the state.  The link below is for a youTube video going over the repair instructions.

Gardening For Kids

Learn how to create your first garden and bring some beauty to your section of the world. Explore these websites for some fun plant projects.


We appreciate your years of loyal patronage of the Garden Barn Floral department, however, it is now closed.  If you are interested in fresh floral services in Vernon, CT we recommend:

We have a large selection of bird feeders and bird houses, however we no longer carry birdseed. If you are interested in birdseed in the local area we recommend:


In an effort to help grow the youth in our area who show an interest in our industry, we offer a set of links to scholarship opportunities. 

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